Friday, May 30, 2014

Searching For the Cheapest Carpet Cleaning Company on the Web

Most often customers will become frustrated when searching for a local carpet cleaning company over the internet only to find overpriced non local cleaning service companies. As in most cases, customers often make the mistake of searching for services on the net by typing very competitive keywords such as "Carpet Cleaning," "Cleaning Carpet," "Carpet Cleaners" or other common competitive keywords such as "Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning" or "Carpet cleaners in Los Angeles." Optimizations of these keywords besides being very competitive are also very expensive. Did you know that search engine optimization companies are finding it difficult to maintain their client websites on top rankings? It is, therefore, that 85% of legitimate cleaning companies opt not to optimize for these keywords? Why? The answer is very simple; most responsible cleaning companies' goals are to maintain margin of cost to maintain their prices low in order to retain most of their customers for a long period of time.

Since search engine optimization for these competitive keywords has become strenuously completive amongst cleaning companies, search engine optimization companies are forced to raise their prices in order to maintain their client companies ranking on front page. This in turn has forced cleaning companies to inflate their service prices to cover there operating business expenses. Be hesitant, about the jargon intricate content on service web pages, and how it differentiates itself in quality, and brand reputation to other non competitive based on the bias of website ranking. Keep in mind that these websites are developed by computer scientists who often do not have the slightest knowledge about the trait other than what is researched. The purpose of this article is to provide background knowledge about advertisement costs and how it affects the consumer, and a few tips to consider when searching for service providers over the internet.

On the average, search engine optimization companies would initiate a website advertisement contract with a cleaning company with a minimum of $14,000 annual fee (No guarantees are given whether the webpage would rank on front page of search engines). Fully optimized services for competitive keywords packages would start at a minimum cost of $5,000 on a monthly basis with a $14,000 annual set up fee (This would be a low end basic search engine optimization package for certain low income geographical areas only; complete service packages would cost a premium or a platinum additional charge. Also, there are no guarantees on whether website would make it on front page.

In that case, advertisement companies would require additional packages). Unfortunately, these higher prices will transcend to the customer who will absorb an expense beyond the delivered service; it is important to reiterate that the cost would be beyond the standard base price of the service cost to the customer. But most important, it is a lose-lose situation to the customer and the service provider; that is if the service provider is not a franchiser or a sub contractor (The burden of cost in this business settings is worst than an independently owned and operated company). So, if this is the case, what keywords should the customer opt to search for? The answer is very simple; the customer should opt for less competitive keywords. There are many non-competitive keywords which are intended for your local area: The following are a few tips and examples:

1. There is a wealth of low competitive keywords for services which local residents may be interested. The odds of searching a carpet cleaning company that is 50 miles away or is headquartered out of state and as result will charge the customer to cover this cost can be eliminated if customers searches for local service providers. Try searching for local carpet cleaning companies by typing your city name and service you are searching. Below are a few examples:

Local City + Services example, Norwalk Carpet cleaners

Services + Local City example, Upholstery cleaning in Norwalk or carpet cleaning Norwalk.

2. A customer may also find low end keywords by mixing several relevant keywords when searching. For example, let's say that a Bellflower, California resident is interested in cleaning their carpet. In this case the customer has several choices in selecting a non competitive keyword in an effort to get the best deal. Below are a few examples:

City Name + Residential + Service example, Bellflower Residential Power Washing

Residential + Service + City Name example, Residential Carpet Cleaning in Bellflower

3. You may also select other alternative keywords for example:

Los Angeles carpet cleaning professionals

Los Angeles home rug cleaning,

Los Angeles commercial cleaning,

Los Angeles residential carpet cleaning professionals,

Los Angeles commercial carpet cleaning professionals

By following the above tips; customer is in control of their options for quality, local, and affordable pricing. At All Pro Carpet Cleaning [], Los Angeles carpet cleaning customers will find a quality control carpet cleaning services at local prices. Call today or visit our website to learn more about offers and coupons.

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